Marquee on January 31

Friday,  at Brougham St and Ensors Road, near Opawa.   A BIG, BUSY intersection.  We were on-site from from 8.40 till 12.30.

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Operators –  in order of appearance:  Geoffrey Rathbun, Lynn Campbell, Lynne Lochhead, Dave Adamson

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Visitors –  Fred Tunnycliffe, a person on our mailing list knew we would be there and dropped in to show us some of his artwork.  The first was a line drawing of the Cathedral just after the earthquake.  Then, he showed us a very striking three panel slightly abstract sequence of images of the cathedral, with the message of “hope”.  I have directed him to Ross Gray and the Shop at Cathedral Junction so he can sell these items.  We had a Plumber, now living in Rakaia, a man on a motorcycle, and a North Island Man who said (when talking about the loss of character buildings) “we don’t want it to be like Hamilton”.  I don’t know Hamilton well, but I assume then that Hamilton has a dearth of character heritage buildings.  We also had a Woman & Daughter drop in.  She parked on Brougham St.  At the end, we had a Motorcycle Rider come over for a chat.  Most of the other visitors actually entered the empty section and parked under the large tree.  This site is a really good one I think !

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Our Impressions – Well, as this was our first day here, we were uncertain how we would go.  But, it turned out to be good, and different from the other sites.  I got a few toots of support even before I had the marquee up.  It was easy to hand out fliers to cars on Ensors road.  The people on this road were more “residential” than on Brougham St.  I did some handing out of leaflets on Brougham St and found that it was a bit hazardous because of the speed of the vehicles.  However, I did hand out a leaflet to a man who opened his window.  When I explained it was about the Cathedral, he said “I am doing some work for these people right now”.  This was really telling, as it shows how what we are doing is probably having an affect right at the heart of the CPT Anglicans.  Most people will open their window just when they see you, so it is easy to hand out the fliers.  I would say about 80% of people were open to our message.  Only a few were negative.  This gave us all a great fillip to see and feel on that day.


2 thoughts on “Marquee on January 31

  1. Well done, all you volunteers. You are reaching a different audience to the Cathedral Junction shop 17, as most of the people coming in on the days I am volunteering are visitors from both throughout New Zealand and overseas. Of course there are some locals, but mainly visitors. I think most of the people in cars who are driving by the marquee are local. Regards, Sandra Shaw.

  2. Thanks for your helpful comment Sandra. Yes, we are reaching the “true citizens” of Christchurch, whereas “Shop 7” is reaching mainly “out of towners”. To my mind, if a real victory comes, it would be best from the “true citizens”. However, that is not to say a victory helped by “out of towners” would not be well received. Sometimes, it only takes one special person with connections to make all the difference. And, who knows where or when that will happen. In the meantime, we will continue to build support on the streets. But, Shop 7 does get local attendance too ! – this Sunday (Feb 9) I had a local lady drop in to the Marquee who had also been to Shop 7. She had already bought a bumper sticker from Shop 7. So, we are working on two fronts very well ! GOOD STUFF:

    Geoffrey Rathbun – Organiser of “Keep the Cathedral”

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