Marquee on February 9

Location and Time:  The Marquee was at the corner of Fitzgerald Ave, and Avonside Drive, as usual every Sunday.  We ran from 10.00 AM till 1.00 PM.  We were scheduled to run till 1.30 PM, but  Neil and I decided to pack up earlier as the wind had been annoying.  But, we did not leave the site till about 1.30 anyway, because of the time it took to pack up.

Operators:  Geoffrey Rathbun, Bruce McGregor and Neil Roberts.

Impressions – Happenings:   I think I was in a bit of a bad mood that day.  Neil can attest to that.  I only took one photograph because of this too !  But, aside from that, we still got as many toots, and people stopping as usual.  Thanks to Bruce for arranging almost all of our street signs.  These are still prone to being blown over, so he sourced bricks and placed them on many of the signs.  Thanks so much for doing that Bruce, as it helped me do other things at the marquee.  I have left these bricks nearby where we put the signs, so we can use them again.  Here is a photo of Sue.


I actually know Sue from some work I did at Burwood hospital.  She wanted to know “what’s happening”.   She has already been to shop 7, so she already had a bumper sticker.   We just told her that we are getting the word out that the Cathedral can and should be saved.  We handed out lots of leaflets, with me doing the handing out and Neil making them up.  But, I think I saw Neil reluctantly hand out a few small ones.  We hand out the 2 sided colour leaflet provided by Jack, and also the single page B&W leaflet made by me.  So, to make the leaflets, we highlight three lines on the B&W sheet, and then staple it behind the coloured sheet.  We highlight the lines so as to make the B&W sheet more impressive.  I do hope then that most people who get these two stapled handouts will then keep them,  read them, and hopefully pass them on to others.   At the bottom of my B&W handout, there is a small message to Bishop Matthews.  I will repeat it here below.

Keep the Cathedral’s message to Bishop Victoria Matthews…  You do not appear to be listening to the people of Christchurch.   We encourage you to listen and engage with us.  We want you to tell us why you want to demolish the Cathedral…   We ask this because so far, you have given no valid reason to demolish our Cathedral.  Desire for understanding comes first, then understanding, then consensus.  We invite you or your representative to come to our meetings.  ICONIC is a good place to come to.  It is informal and dignified.


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