Marquee February 13

Location & Time:  Opawa, at the corner of Brougham Street and Ensors Road, from 9.00 AM till 1.30 PM

Operators in Order of Appearance:  Geoffrey Rathbun, Alma Rae and Peter RossDSC01272

Here is Alma adopting an artists stance as she fills in the body of the text for the signs.  As you can see from the following photo, these signs are now looking OUTSTANDING !  By the way, Alma drives an older model BMW528i.  I have a BMW 728i which is being fixed in my garage slowly.  Too slowly !


On the left, Peter Ross, on the right Alma Rae with one of our new signs.  Please note the new-improved signs we have.  The sign, along with the two uprights can be removed from the heavy base.  The poles just slide into slots that I routed into the base.  All the signs can be thus stacked neatly and taken home in a car.  The heavy bases can be left on site behind a tree or something, ready for next time.  The bases are much more resistant to tipping over in the wind, even though the sign is now higher up from the ground compared to the other signs.


This is Julie Tobbell, with Peter Ross.

Visitors:  Julie Tobbell, who is on our mailing list, so she knew we would be there.  Julie is the Chair Person of the Somerfield Residents Association.  She stayed with us for about half an hour, as was then able to meet all the other visitors we had.  The first one was a lady, who turned out to be quite dogmatic, and opposed to restoration.  She was more concerned with not paying any money, and sitting in a comfortable church. It was stressful talking to her, so I had to pull away.  Anyway, it was good at least that she parked and then walked over to see us.  But, my feeling was that she just wanted to “have a go” actually, and we were a good target.  Next, we had a really interesting man, who turned out to be a computer expert.  He asked some good questions.  He said he was sitting on the fence, and asked for us to give him a reason that the Cathedral should be restored.  We ended up giving him many, but he did counter with many of his own ideas.  But, I think in the end we got him moving to our side of the fence.  As he left, he did volunteer his services to help with managing our data that we get from the petition.  He also said that we have a very good presentation.  Or PR or something like that.  That was good to hear, and I think he would be referring to our signs and vertical banners.  Good to hear.  He is the man on th eleft in the photos.


These are the guys who dropped in about 12.45 PM.  The man on the left is the computer man.  I grew to like him after our discussion.  His name is Matthew Nolan, and runs a business called DMarket Place Ltd.  Working with marketing.  The two on the right rocked up whilst we were in deep discussion with Matthew.  The one on the right is from Southland.  He told me this 🙂  They took a few of David Collin’s Cathedral Cut-Out models, and paid some dollars for them.  I will have to transfer some funds to David soon.


And, finally, here is Geoffrey Rathbun, giving you all the thumbs up for another great day at the Marquee, and telling you to “Keep the Cathedral”


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