Marquee on February 16

Location & Time:  Fitzgerald Ave and Avonside Drive, Sunday the 16th of February, from 10.00 AM till 1.30 PM

NOTE:  you can click on any photo to see the high-res original.

Operators:  Geoffrey Rathbun, James Carr, Tim Hogan.  James, sorry, I failed to get a photo of you !  Next time.


Visitors:  As you can see, we had a good range of people stopping.  The first man seen here came jogging up to us from across the river, down the middle of the road.  I thought he was a jogger at first, but, no, he came directly up to us, clutching a fiver, so as to purchase a bumper sticker.  He must have seen our sign, and then parked up on the left where the river dips and bends low down right beside the Avon.  The next man seen here in his car had a great sounding Irish accent.  He told me I could take the photo as long as I got his nose in the correct profile.

DSC01280 DSC01283

The following two ladies were all smiles for the whole duration of their visit to us.  Tim wondered if they were mother and daughter.  I think maybe yes.  EDIT.  Not ! Two sisters !  Sorry girls.  I have been corrected.

DSC01287 DSC01288 DSC01289

Here is a photo just so we can see that selling the bumper stickers can have an immediate and beneficial effect !

Impressions:  GOOD (as usual).  We got a lot of supportive toots.  Yes, we did get a few negative people as well.  These tend to be a bit “extreme” and thus could be written off as “nutcases” I think 🙂  Anyway, NOW we are seeing that a lot of people are “repeats” and have already got our material from this marquee.  Also, I had a “snap” moment you could say when I tried to give some material to a man, and he said that he already had got it (including a bumper sticker) from the Opawa Marquee.  So, this means, our reach is getting pretty good.  I estimate, very roughly, that we may have reached about 20% of the Christchurch population, meaning about 20% x 400,000 = 80,000 people may have driven past and seen our marquees.  If we keep going this year (which I hope to do) then we should reach 100% of the population.  Then, our affect should be great !


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