Marquee on February 25

RADIO INTEREST !         RADIO INTEREST !         RADIO INTEREST !  This morning (Thursday February 27) I had a call from Val Somerfield telling me that NewsTalkZB was running a talkback topic of “The Cathedral”.  They were asking for anyone who was running the Marquee on Fitzgerald to call in.  This was about 8.52 AM.  SO….. we ARE getting KNOWN around TOWN !  Unfortunately, I did not pick up the phone and I got it as a message later in the morning.  I will follow this up with Chris Lynch to see if he is still interested in this topic. RADIO INTEREST !         RADIO INTEREST !             RADIO INTEREST !  

Location & Time:  Opawa, Intersection of Brougham St and Ensors Road, 8.30 till 2.00

Operators:  Geoffrey Rathbun, Lynne Lochhead and Christine Parr (welcome to Christine … first appearance)

Visitors:  Leo and Di.  Di seems to be interested in helping us, so that is GREAT !  Di dropped in a few minutes before I was due to take off, and after I had taken in all the signs. So, people see us, and remember us.  I had a good chat with Leo.  Very nice guy.



Impressions:  It was a bit of a cold day, and the wind was there too.  I now know that Lynne does not coldness.  I suspected it before.  At least she brought along a jacket this time.  Nice green shade Lynne.  I managed to get all helpers to now park on the grass behind us.  As you can see, we had three cars parked up, this for about 30 minutes.  This makes our presence more impressive.


Lynn Campbell dropped in to get details of our 100+ petition signaturees.  Signaturees…. is that a valid word ?  She took them away, photocopied them, and brought them back. Great work.  Thanks Lynn.


Christine Parr:  Christine seems to be a natural for interacting with the public.  I almost had to physically hold her back.  She was so keen to handout leaflets.  I tried her with some bumper stickers too, thinking that was too advanced a topic for a newby.  But, she took what I gave her, and then she took more herself when I was not looking.    I could not check on her all the time, as at the same time, I was working the opposite side of Ensors Road, neared to the CPIT campus.  That has a different “mix” of people.   A bit challenging, as many were busy and did not want to open windows.  But, overall, I would be able to hand out leaflets to about   a half those waiting for the light to go green.  I try to make it light-hearted when I see and talk to them.  Most people just want to have a small smile at anything actually I find.  Enjoy life a little.  Also, almost ALL who take the leaflet take it with a smile as I can tell that they WANT TO KEEP THE CATHEDRAL.  It makes them happy to see someone fighting back.  Just below, are two photos, inadvertently appearing as a panorama of the scene.  It is actually quite accurate.  You can see Christine approaching a car, and then, the last photo shows her method of presenting the information.  Thanks very much Christine for your great work on Tuesday !  By the way, we now have three vertical banners going now, and I think the picture of the Cathedral just below attracts attention very well.  As well, it makes us remember what we are fighting to retain.



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