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Marquee on March 16 – Opawa

Where and When: Brougham St and Ensors Road from 9.00 AM till 1.00 PM
Operators: Di Genet, Christine Parr and Geoffrey Rathbun
Impressions:  It was a great day weather wise.  A HUGE number of cars saw us.  We handed out ALL of our materials, and sold about 10 bumper stickers.   

These two people (not related) came up to us from different directions.  So so nice to have great support.

DSC01326Here is Di.  She was quite new to all this, but slowly she gained her confidence.  Thanks Di for your great help, and for the interesting conversations we had

This is me and Di.

This is the Opawa style sign.  Very good and double sided.

Once again, Christine really got into the handing out of material.  This was great.  Just like last time, I was handing out across the intersection, so the marquee was empty.

This is a laugh.  I think “The Breeze” must have seen us set up at this great spot, so they tried to take over “our” corner.  We set up our marquee in front of this hoarding.  It also proved useful to me as I changed my clothing unseen from prying female eyes, hidden between the boards !  ha ha


Now, if we could get one of these hoardings, it might be quite good.  Now, there IS an idea !


Marquee on March 9

Where and When: Fitzgerald Ave from 10 till 1.00 PM
Operators:  Peter Ross, Kit Doudney and Geoffrey Rathbun

Peter Ross and a man called Richard I think.  His brother is a famous cyclist.  Blair Stockwell.  Richard was a nice guy and stayed with us for about one hour.  He explained to me where there is a 24 hour bakery on Ferry Road.  I like bakeries, and the food they bring, so I was very interested in what he said about that.

It was a bit wet that day, but that did not stop cheerful people dropping in

This is a very angry Maori man who called me a racist.  He threw our sign in the river.
  Here is a close up of him.  I confronted him about what he did.  We were face to face (about 8 inches).  I did not back down, and took his abuse stonily and gave it back, without the hate.  It was not too pleasant having such a foul face near to me.  Hopefully he will think twice about what he did. 

It was not too hard to retrieve as the bottom was sandy and firm.  In fact, my shoes were not wet after I retrieved it

Thanks Jack for turning up.  Good that we can provide a “waypoint” on your journey to Regent Street.

Here is Kit adopting the “casual chat in a busy intersection stance”.

Same stance from another angle to confirm the finer details

But, the man he was talking to was a repeat customer, and thus he had every right to remain in the right hand turn lane for two cycles of the lights.

Marquee on March 2

NOTE: Please click on any image for it’s full size version.
LOCATION and TIME: Fitzgerald Ave and Avonside Drive, 10.00 AM till 2.00 PM
OPERATORS:  Tim Hogan, Geoffrey Rathbun & Neil Roberts
VISITORS: Besides the 1000s of cars that passed us and received the message “Keep the Cathedral”, we had many people drop in and have a chat, as you can see below.


a good keen man


This lady makes a really nice photo with The Wizard !  The bumper sticker she holds may be seen by many people as she drives around town.   Perhaps Bishop Victoria Matthews might see it one day, and a small part of her brain might say to the dominant part of her brain “Hey Victoria….  maybe we should re-think our stubborn stance”


Alice dropped in and helped Neil prepare the leaflets for handing out.


This is the Wizard discussing ecclesiastical matters with two religious people.  Please note the Wizards double-ended Volkwagon.  CLICK on this photo for enlarged view.


A very nice family passed by and took our leaflets and bumper stickers.  The little boy was very very cute and friendly.  Of course, the little girl was cute too.


This is Tim Hogan’s cousin and his daughter.  He was “on the fence” he told us.  However, the information in the leaflets should put him right.



Some general shots of our crew.  Of course, one of our regular visitors is “Jack” also known as “The Wizard”.  He kindly dropped off a large number of coloured, double sided leaflets for us to handout.  This is much appreciated, as they add colour and substance to our plain photocopied leaflets.


Here am I, with my dirty jeans, talking to two tourists.  They are very curious about The Wizard, but were too shy to be introduced.  The beautiful heritage buildings in Christchurch are one of the main draw-cards for these tourists to come to our city.  This is why it is important to retain as many of these beautiful buildings as we can !