Marquee on March 9

Where and When: Fitzgerald Ave from 10 till 1.00 PM
Operators:  Peter Ross, Kit Doudney and Geoffrey Rathbun

Peter Ross and a man called Richard I think.  His brother is a famous cyclist.  Blair Stockwell.  Richard was a nice guy and stayed with us for about one hour.  He explained to me where there is a 24 hour bakery on Ferry Road.  I like bakeries, and the food they bring, so I was very interested in what he said about that.

It was a bit wet that day, but that did not stop cheerful people dropping in

This is a very angry Maori man who called me a racist.  He threw our sign in the river.
  Here is a close up of him.  I confronted him about what he did.  We were face to face (about 8 inches).  I did not back down, and took his abuse stonily and gave it back, without the hate.  It was not too pleasant having such a foul face near to me.  Hopefully he will think twice about what he did. 

It was not too hard to retrieve as the bottom was sandy and firm.  In fact, my shoes were not wet after I retrieved it

Thanks Jack for turning up.  Good that we can provide a “waypoint” on your journey to Regent Street.

Here is Kit adopting the “casual chat in a busy intersection stance”.

Same stance from another angle to confirm the finer details

But, the man he was talking to was a repeat customer, and thus he had every right to remain in the right hand turn lane for two cycles of the lights.


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