Marquee on June 21 – Church Corner

Where and When: Church Corner 10.30 AM till 2.30 PM
Operators: Catherine Morganti, Lynn Campbell and Geoffrey Rathbun
Impressions:  Cold and uncomfortable, sorry to say, with some “theatrics”, but good Souvlakis !


Catherine does not handle the cold well, I learned.
She was pleased to be going at the end of her stint, but still happy to have interacted with the locals, and she got some signatures and had some good conversations.  
Here is Lynn taking over for her.
Catherine was approached by an older man wearing a brown tweed jacket.  A gentleman.  But, he was protesting that he was from the Church right behind us, and did not want our activities associated with their church.  He was a little bit agitated when I came over but soon calmed down.  I told him we did not want to cause any problem. I offered to move away if it was serious.  He said we could stay.  He was good to us I felt.  Actually, the land at the apex of the two roads is actually church land, but they have allowed a public footpath to go through it, with a seat, and a large tree surrounded with a stone wall.  Actually, it is a nice location.  On a day when the weather was nice, it would be great.


It was a sunny day, but the wind made it cold.  There was a lot of traffic here, but not many chances of handing out fliers.  However, we did meet quite a few passers-by.
However, the main benefit of this site was our great visibility, and the fact that we would have been making contact with people who had never seen us before.


Julie Tobbell dropped in about one o’clock.  It was so nice to have unexpected support.
Shortly after she arrived, and I think Lynn was not there then (maybe getting one of her famous cups of coffee) we had another visit.  Sadly, this one was not so pleasant as that from the gentleman.  As I was talking to Julie, I spied a lady “stalking” our way.  Julie could not see her as we spoke, so she had no warning of what was about to happen.   I was wondering to myself as she neared us “for or against ?”.  Can I tell by the stride ?  Shortly, I would have the answer to that.  No !  I had been thinking her stride signified a happy walk.
She launched into us with mouth flapping and eyes bulged and voice box working well.  How dare we come and do this right beside her church !  I think she said we were being “provocative”.  I tried to calm her down a bit, but Julie took over and took the full onslaught.  After a few minutes of ranting she left, knocking over one of our signs.
Actually, I found the whole thing quite entertaining, at least initially.  However, afterwards, I did feel a bit shocked at how someone could be so aggressive and rude.  It good lesson in human nature I suppose.


Here is Lynn and myself.  I think I had just finished my nice Souvlaki that I got from just across the road.  That put me in a good mood!



Overall, I was pleased to get out on our first marquee in the west side of Christchurch.  We got about 5 signatures, and a few toots (not many though).  The cold weather hampered us though.  We may not come back to this site, because I do not want to rile the Anglicans too much, and because there was not much opportunity to hand out leaflets.


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