Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Cathedral West Side Closure

A detailed proposal was made to the Church Property Trustees offices at St Peters Church, Bowden Hall, Upper Riccarton.  The proposal is titled “Cathedral West-Side Closure Proposal”
Please click on the heading “West  Wall Closure” above to see details



3 thoughts on “Monday, March 2nd, 2015

  1. With my personal connection to the Christchurch Anglican Cathedral, why won’t the powers that be listen to the voice of the people who want the same legacy for generations to come to also experience the presence of such an amazing building fully restored. To hear an offer to weather protect this building for no cost and it is rejected by the Anglican Church is abhorrent in my opinion. I live in Auckland however return to the reverence of this precious heritage building whenever I am in Christchurch. My grandfather who was an engineer living in Christchurch in 1962 shared with me his love and admiration for this Christchurch city icon and which reverberates within my spiritual self to this day. Why are the individuals of the Anglican Church wishing to remove and replace this landmark which generations of my family placed reverence right back to my great grandfather who arrived from Scotland in 1862 and generations who went to war from that region and further south to fight for home and country which included everything they held sacred. My faith has been sorely tested over the years loosing two of my children in tragic circumstances. I am now further truly saddened that the Christchurch Anglican Cathedral is itself facing trials and tribulations for it very survival into the future after the horrific earthquakes. Not only are the powers that be making the most monumental decisions about the future of this much loved icon, it is now being let down in the most insensitive manner by those we entrusted as its supposedly caring guardians for the people of New Zealand. For our God’s sake, please show us and the Cathedral some compassion and mercy if you can possibly find this within yourselves!

  2. Your words convey more detail than I can provide to this cause. They are great. Please can I have your permission to send this to “The Press” for publication in their letters to the editor column ? Or you can do it yourself to Based on the current behaviour of The Press, they would prefer a “Miles Warren” based comment, so no guarantee of it being published ! Geoffrey

    1. I give permission for my emotive letter to be published and condensed if required.


      Annette Ashley


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