Our Aims and Activities

Created and Organised by:  Geoffrey Rathbun.  I am a citizen of Christchurch City, New Zealand.   I have been working since mid 2011 with several groups of people in Christchurch, fighting to have our Cathedral restored.

Background:   The Anglican Cathedral in The Square was damaged during the earthquake of 2011, and the Anglican Church Property Trustees (CPT) appear determined to demolish it, even though it still stands largely intact.  A group called GCBT has had engineering studies done on the Cathedral and these studies have shown that it can be restored, and that the cost over-and-above insurance payouts would be from 20 to 25 million dollars.  They have made an offer to the CPT to do the initial stabilisation work, making it safe to enter the Cathedral.  This work would cost about 7 million dollars and would be completely paid for by the GCBT.  The CPT have rejected this offer.

Our Aim:  To raise awareness for the people of Christchurch that the Cathedral in the Square can be saved

What we do:  We run two marquees, which are set up for a day at busy intersections in Christchurch.  From these, we hand out information, and show our message to all who pass by

Contact:  Geoffrey Rathbun / bsed.gr@gmail.com / 021 052-8050


One thought on “Our Aims and Activities

  1. sounds good, may get help from Winston with his (ICON FIX) people don’t realise Jim and his friends will do the fund raising where Vic would be after us. That would be a good point to get out there

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