Contact Us – and our 6 Allies

1:  Keep the Cathedral
This is the Home Group of this website.  It started out as a “Street Campaign” reaching out to the People of Christchurch  at busy street corners 
Geoffrey Rathbun  /    / 021 052-8050
We need VOLUNTEERS to operate our two marquees.  These run weekly, roughly from 9 AM till 2 PM.  Volunteers help with setting up, and then aim to get the message out – Keep the Cathedral !  by handing out leaflets and discussing the issues with passers by.  Most people support what we are doing

Provides a clearing house for information about saving historic buildings in Christchurch.  Meets every Monday at 5.30PM,  the Univ. of Canty. FACEBOOK: iconic.christchurch

3:  The Wizard of Christchurch Inc …   You know this man,

4: Restore Christchurch Cathedral
Works politically with the CCC and government bodies, and with legal aspects.  Has a high public profile and a full website.  Created the great song … “Save Our Cathedral”     CONTACT:    Mark Belton  /  027 229-1483     WEB:

5:  Great Christchurch Building Trust  These are the people who have stopped the Cathedral’s destruction – using expensive lawyers !
Deborah Smith, 

6:  Historic Places Canterbury …   Shop 7, Cathedral Junction,

7:  The Peoples Steeple:  
Will restore the bell tower using the original wooden design.  Supported by the Timber Framer’s Guild (US & Canada) and the Carpenter’s fellowship (UK).  Is offering to do the prefabrication work at no labour cost.


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